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Radiance IT Solution / Sms Service

Radiance IT Solution can reach your Business best in the World with SMS Marketing. In the modern day world, several ways are introduced and followed when it comes to creation of demand and promotion of products and services. The latest technique, SMS marketing, is grabbing huge business and following in the last few year.

Where Use of SMS Services?

  • Job Notification.
  • General Info (Office Address, Service Details).
  • Product sale promotion.
  • Specific Information (Training/Cultural Program).
  • Notice / Greeting (Official / Occasional for target people).
  • Reminder for Due Payment / Due Inquiry.
  • Events: Voting, Quiz contest (Various media like TV/Radio/Newspaper).
  • Event Notification (Meeting ,Program ,others, Training).

Benefits of Cell/Mobile Phone SMS Services

  • Rate Affordable.
  • Specific Clients area.
  • Now sms is a very effective way of direct communication.
  • People always check their SMS quickly.
  • It has the power to create instant response.
  • The response is very helpful to boost up your business.
  • 24*7 customer support.

SMS Marketing Requirement :

  • Masking / Sender name / Phone no(11 characters).
  • Use SMS text.
  • Target Group.

SMS text character limit:

  • English SMS : 1-160 characters- 1 SMS, 161-300 characters- 2 SMS, 301-440 characters- 3 SMS.
  • Bengali SMS:1-69 characters- 1 SMS, 70-133 characters- 2 SMS, 134-200 characters- 3 SMS.