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Real Estate Management System

Real Estate Management System (REMS) is an online real estate software application that manages the overall operational activities and processes, starting from the management of the property, to the management of real estate agencies, agents, clients and financial transactions. It provides comprehensive reports for managing the Real Estate agency performance and efficiency, and enables the management for a better decision-making. Whether you operate 10 properties or 1000, REMS is affordable for all sizes of sales or for rent, it scales smoothly to your requirements. REMS can provide your business with immediate and ongoing benefits, meaning better margins and cost efficiencies in all aspects of the business.

Multi User Module

  • Admin User
  • Super Admin User

Customer Module

  • Add New Customer
  • All Customer List
  • Edit & Delete Customer

Invoice System

  • Create New Invoice
  • All Invoice List View
  • Edit & Delete Invoice

Make Payment Schedule

  • Excel Attachment
  • Manual Attachment
  • Edit & Delete Schedule

Money Receipt Module

  • Invoice Wise Money Receipt
  • Customer Wise Money Receipt
  • Print All Money Receipt

Letter Notification Module

  • Letter of Introduction
  • Remainder Letter
  • Delay Payment Letter
  • Due Letter

Email & SMS alert System

  • Every Transaction
  • Total Paid
  • Total Due


Customer Statements

  • Customer Statements without delay charge
  • Customer Statements with delay charge and other charge

Sales Report

  • Date wise sales report
  • Status wise sales report(Regular/Irregular/Cancelled/Refund )
  • Sales person wise sales report
  • Project Wise Sales Report

Collection Report

  • Date wise Collection Report
  • Month Wise Collection Report
  • Day Wise Collection Report
  • Project Wise Collection Report

Dues Report

  • Date Wise Due Report
  • Project Wise Due Report

Delay Charge Report

  • Customer wise Delay Charge
  • Plot/Unit Wise Delay Charge
  • Customer ID wise Delay Charge

MR Cancellation Report

  • Date Wise MR Report
  • Project Wise MR Report

Edit List

  • Payment Schedule Edit list

MR Delete Report

  • Customer Wise MR delete List
  • Plot/Unit Wise Delay delete List
  • Customer ID wise delete List


  • Settings
  • Logout