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It is a leading indicator of consumer point of differentiation,repurchase intention and loyalty.
It increases customer lifetime value and reduces negative word of mouth.It is also cheaper to retain customer then to acquire new ones.
There is why we value customer satisfaction the most.

"A customer is the most important visitor on our premises;he is not dependent on us.We are dependent on him.He is not an interruption in our work.He is the purpose of it.He is not an outsider in our business.He is part of it.We are not doing him a favor by serving him.He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so."

...............Mahatma Gandhi


Software Development

Software Support for our client is the premium part of our business.Radiance IT Solution is serving more than 50 versatile software clients.Our wide and diverse software clients ranges from Bank/Financial
Institute to even mere retail outlets. Radiance IT Solution's flexible and updated software is boasting our client to prosper in their business arena.

Website Design

RITS provides to a range of web design needs from delicate personal website to complete online presence for large-scale corporate companies. Taking advantage of the most advanced technological tools, we are ready to give you creative design that is particular, world standard, professional, user-focused and easy to navigate.

E-commerce Solution

We specialize in delivering customized e-commerce solutions built to offer sales and customer centric results. Our clients leverage from our years of experience in developing innovative e-commerce features that offer rich customer facing functionalities and highly advanced merchant analytics and business intelligence. We customize each e-commerce website to meet your business specific goals, below is a list of features in our e-commerce platform.

Hosting Space Generate

RITS shared, reseller and dedicated hosting plans are hosted on Linux operating system Cantos and Windows hosting. SSH is available as part of the many features. On dedicated server you can choose different Linux OS and Windows to be installed.


It is a key to business success.Radiance IT Solution is backed up by a very innovative management team ,highly experienced developers and a very dynamic marketing team which helps us to provide quality solution and service.


Radiance IT Solution believe in passion not work.Our passion to provide unique solution for our clients which works as a catalyst to provide professional staffs.


We love to create technology.We love to stay ahead of both time and technology.We want to be a driver of innovation through our technical skill and knowledge.


We strive to exceed customers expectation through continuous improvement.

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Client's Satisfaction Level


Web Development


Web Site

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Thomas Hugger, Hong Kong
Thomas Hugger, Hong Kong
Thomas Hugger, Hong Kong
Joynal Abedin
Radiance IT Solution is very passionate and customer friendly Company.I wish their success
Thomas Hugger, Hong Kong
Tarequl Islam
Radiance IT Solution is a very inventive and committed Company.I wish their success