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Online Mobile Application for Business

This is the era of digitization. Online apps is a prime way to reduce the thrust of digitization in this era. Our apps is highly dedicated to increase the business revenue of the small to medium sized entrepreneur who are involved in online business. It is also developed to: Increase business revenue. Reduce Facebook promotion. Increase customers retention. Save a lot of money for the business. Repeat purchase by the customers.

  • Description

  • This is an Apps which will be available as a link on the online shopping store.
  • When a customer installs the apps he/ she will automatically receive all shop post and promotional activities.
  • There will be regular and repeat customer if any online shop uses this software.
  • Don’t need to pay Facebook after a certain period of time as the Customers retention rate will be high.
  • It’s cheaper and convenient.
  • Product description
  • Page description
  • Company hot line number
  • Direct call to hotline number
  • Share Option
  • Online shop can save a lot of money; I mean the money they spent on Facebook promotion.
  • Customers will be notified even if they are disconnected from Face book as notification will come when internet connection is found.
  • One company one apps
  • Set Company Logo/Name/Page type
  • Facebook page link
  • Get instant mail while a customer installs the application
  • User gets notified to any new post.
  • A single click to the notification or Apps will lead the user to company Facebook page.